Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Pursuit of Happiness

Reading the news this morning made me realise what a miserable world we live in. At times. You can't pick up a paper or turn on the radio without being informed of oppressive regimes, some new strain of disease, natural disasters, or Dan Brown publishing a new novel. Although that could be shoved under the natural disaster heading. There are global tragedies, national problems, personal difficulties, and - to top it off - those tiny little straws that end up breaking somebody's back.

So enough. I hereby declare war on all forms of miserableness, wretchedness, and sorrow, in the form of a list of things that make me happy. Perhaps it will cheer others up too; also, they're free (if you happen to own any Eddie Izzard DVDs) and, in most cases, only require a little imagination.

1) Watching a dozen sheep jump over an embankment, give themselves a little shake, and see their wool jiggle like jelly.

2) Bubbles. Both the action of blowing bubbles and the word itself. Go on, say it aloud. Also, puffin.

3) Racing butterflies: either on foot or cycling. You may need some decent weather for this. As you will for the following suggestion.

4) Rolling around in grass. If you have a garden, great. If not but there is a park nearby, go there; just watch out for, erm, leavings.

5) Drawing Vampowls: a concept which I invented this very morning. Fat, angry owls with fangs - how can it not  make you smile?

6) Pretending to be somebody else for a while, complete with voice and actions, from Marilyn Monroe to James Bond. Surprise someone with your best Sean Connery impression. My personal favourite is a 1940s radio newsreader.

7) Singing (in one's head - manners still count) different songs to go with the rhythm of chewing. I find Jingle Bells goes particularly well with crunching an apple.

8) Eddie Izzard. No explanation necessary.

9) Writing very silly sketches involving terrible puns, bizarrely named characters, and usually a platypus.

10) Making, as a tribute to Miranda Hart, Fruit Friends, Dairy Mates, and Celebretables. And a new take on A Clockwork Orange in the form of a Digital Tangerine.